Ambitious and creative fashion photographer. Also experienced as a retoucher providing high quality finishes to different areas of image production. Enthusiastic with new ideas and projects; passionate about the process of image making and the quality that represents a brand or product.

Enjoys embarking on new and different challenges. Has a distinctive flair of creativity used to aid clients in order to formulate exciting new projects and imagery.

Broad photographic technical knowledge ranging from digital cameras and backs to analogue photography with the use and development of film, different types of studio lighting and computer software.

Understanding of different formats of film and the original photographic process, a key area to be understood in order to understand how a camera works and how to achieve the greatest results.

Experience working in photographic studios and also on location. The use of light in photography is key. It can change the way things are perceived, analysed and affect the way the product is described.

Keen interest in the development and up-to-date knowledge of equipment.

Skills include - Adobe Photoshop and Bridge, Capture One, basic knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver, different flash lighting, Canon and Nikon cameras, Film, Moving Image and Retouch.

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